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stencil 2

Stenciling on Fabric

I am preparing for an art and craft show.  Which accounts for my lengthy absence.  Part of preparation is booth display. So, this weekend, I stenciled some muslin that I am using for table covers

stencil 2

I used:

1. 120″ wide muslim  (Rosebrand Fabrics, NYC. . . ordered and received it in 2 days no less)

2.  Martha Stewart acrylic satin finish paint (any acrylic would work.)

3.  sponge pouncing brush

4.  Palette paper pad

5.  stencil

The first step was draping the fabric over the table being used and seeing where the centers on each side fell.  Once you know where you want to position the stencil, or stencils, spread out the fabric on a table, on top of a sheet of foam core.  This gives you a good solid and flat surface to support the paint application.  Next lay out the stencil pattern, use weights to hold the pattern in place, especially if it’s a largish pattern. (I used garden tools. . . they were within arms reach). Next put a dab of paint on the palette, dip the sponge brush in the paint and began laying down the color with the sponge pouncer.  It was a bit time consuming using this applicator, but the results were worth it.  I saw some stenciled burlap in a store in Boston in the fall, and decided one day I would try it.  So here it is.  Yes it’s as simple as it looks and sounds.

Look hard at this next picture to see the acetate stencil.  It’s about 3 feet tall.

no paint


You can grab what’s handy to use as weights for holding the stencil in place when needed.  I am very “shoot from the hip”, whatever works. . . here with the stencil still in place. . .

with stencil

close upI am very happy with the way this turned out.  And the paint was essentially dry when I was done.  I believe you can use a sponge roller, but after trying it this way, I don’t think you would have the same control.  The edges were soft, yet defined.  I will photograph it all set up at the show. (early June)stencil 1

Thanks for reading, it’s me viv