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DIY, by viv

Although I have not even begun to test the outer limits of chalk paint, it is only one of many materials I do and plan to work with.  But before I go in search of the next piece of furniture, or next project to share, please indulge me as I demonstrate my credibility as a crafter, illustrator and designer.

Beginning with Hallmark Cards, I have been a commercial illustrator since 1982, and over the years I have created many art pieces for my daughter, my home, and my friends.  The internet has become an endless source of information and inspiration on just about anything you can think of.   Consequently I have become a student of what I love, making things.  My tool box and skill set grow a little more everyday.

So here we go with some show and tell:

dresserSome time between 1984 and 1986 I found two dressers for $40 In Kansas City.  In 1992, while pregnant, Using acrylic tube paints, I painted one of them for my daughter.  I think it is our first family heirloom.  While finishing the very last drawer, my water broke.  Good timing.  Fact, true story.

mirror fullmirrir 4I found this mirror in New Hampshire in the late nineties, and it was the first project i tackled when I moved into my last home.  We lived there for 12 years.  This mirror nows hangs in my new bedroom in my new old house.  Formerly a white frame, I transformed it using acrylic paints and metallic waxes, and vintage german glass crystals, of which I have a wonderful rather large collection.


This next piece is a memory quilt that I made for my daughter for christmas last year.  I had so much fun dressing her when she was little. As she out grew her cloths I cut the designs out of the fronts of t shirts, and some dresses, and threw them in a box for later.  The end result is a machine washable queen size quilt.  It is lined with cotton batting to keep it soft, the polka dots are felted wool roving, and it has a flannel backing.  She really does love it.  And I still have a small box of a few more pieces so she may get a couple of pillow covers still.

Here are a couple of my robots. . .

Moe + teetsie

Lastly.  this is one of several of my favorite easter bunny illustrations.  It’s early I know, but if you’re interested in a giclee or several other format options please visit my etsy store. (I love easter)  I will be listing them soon.


Thanks for reading, it’s me, viv