chalk paint, Viv’s second project

My camera has arrived, so now we’re in business.


As this project also still needs a wax finish, I did break down and buy a can of Annie Sloan’s soft wax for painted furniture and walls.  It will go a long way. I picked mine up in Boston, at Maison Decor.

a sloan wax

There were 2 panels and two drawers to be painted.

1.  tape off the areas to be painted


2.  apply first coat of chalk paint.  after it dries, check for smoothness, maybe lightly sand, and give it a second coat it you think it needs it.

3.  spray the back of your stencils with a light sprayable adhesive that allows you to reposition the stencil easily.  Try Michael’s or JoAnn’s.


4.  take a lighter chalk paint, and apply that coat over the stencil.  I was loose about this part.  The areas were small, and you really can’t screw it up.  This was my first attempt at sentciling furniture.  If necessary you can repaint the base coat and do it again.  Honestly this was less than a half a day of work.


5.  apply an acrylic glaze with a bit of pigment (I used umber) over the painted areas to tone it down.  So there it is.

full painted

In my next post I will be pulling out one of my favorite sculpting mediums, Paperclay.  Here’s a sneak peak of what you can do. . . This is my Humpty Dumpty action figure. . . Paper clay is amazing!


it’s me, viv



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