Going slightly off the beaten path, I recently found some great sandals except that they had cork soles.  I am not a fan of cork shoes, and frankly I do not think you would ever catch me wearing any, ever, but my immediate reaction to these was that I could add a pattern to the soles and take the shoes to a new level.  So after a little research on painting on cork I chose the following method.

Here are the shoes, before and after.  (got them at DSW)before after

What you will need:

cork soled sandals


permanent markers, one fine point, a second thicker marker for filling in

acrylic matt spray sealer

1.  Hold the stencil as flat to the sandal as possible.   The first step is outlining the stencil on the sole.  You will have to shift your hand as you move over the sole’s curved surface.



2.  After you are satisfied with your design, carefully fill it in with the thicker permanent marker.

close up3. the final step is to shield the leather and lightly spray the stenciled area.

And you”re done!

finishedIt’s me viv.



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